By clicking on the Billing tab, you can see the section for tracking your finances and the use of the individual app


One of the ways to add funds is in the Balance section by clicking the Add funds button. Then a pop-up window opens where you need to enter the amount and select the payment method.


Note: If there is no set payment method, it can be added by clicking on Add New Payment Method.

The Overview, Transactions, Receipts, Invoices, My Apps, and Billing Settings tabs are within the Billing.

Overview tab

Within the Overview tab, you can see how much money was spent for each app separately. The displayed price is how much is currently spent on the platform and is variable.


Transactions tab

The Transactions tab displays all transactions with basic information about the invoice number, payment provider, amount, and transaction date.

Incoming transactions represent everything that is added to the balance via added funds. In contrast, outgoing transactions are everything that has been spent.


Receipts tab

Within the Receipts tab, we can see a tabular display of receipts with data on the amount and the date when the payment was made. Also, it is possible to download each receipt by clicking on the download icon.


Invoices tab

The Invoices tab contains information about paid and unpaid invoices. For those invoices, we can see information about the status, invoice number, accounting period, amount, date when it was created, date when it expired, and date when it was paid. Also, there is a possibility to download the invoice by clicking on the download button.


My Apps tab

My Apps tab displays all the apps included in the bundle and the plans that contain the apps shown in the table. On the My Apps tab, we can see all the applications that the company has purchased.

The upgrade button leads to a page where we can upgrade a certain app, that is, to a higher level.


Billing settings tab

On the Billing tab in the Settings app, we can see basic information such as:

  • Company Legal Name
  • E-mail
  • Registration Number
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Country


On the right side of the Billing Settings tab are invoice recipients.

Another way to add funds is via Billing Settings, then click on the Add New Payment Method button. To buy another plan, you would have to fill in the billing data (billing details), select a payment method, add funds, and then go to the upgrade plan to use another plan with special benefits.