The Traffic tab shows the traffic on the Ocamba user’s domain. If the user domain has multiple subdomains, it is possible to segment them and track the statistics of each subdomain separately.


When you click on one of the existing traffic sources, you will access its basic information which includes:

  • ID,
  • App,
  • Account,
  • Date Created and
  • Account status.

By coping the UTM parameter you are able to track the performance of your campaign.

You can edit each traffic source and some of its parameters like Name, Remote ID, Pricing Model, Payout and Percent.


When the pricing model is not set, you will be able to define the the percentage of the original value.

Note: If your domain has several subdomains, segment them and monitor the statistics of each subdomain separately.

Add trafic

Follow this step by step guide to add traffic

1. Go to the Traffic card and click on the Add button in the upper right corner.

2. Add a name for the traffic you are creating. Bear in mind it should be easy to remember as it is used in search and tracking.

3. Choose an account from which the money will be allocated to the traffic source.

4. Select an app you wish to attribute to the traffic source.

5. Choose a pricing model you wish to use: CPC, CPM or CPA.

6. Click on the confirm button.


Note: For further differentiation, we advise you to enter a Remote ID.