The Users tab consists of a list of users. On this tab on the left is the “Filter” option to filter the user according to some criteria, such as App, Country, language in which they use the device they accessed from, OS of their device, browser and date subscribed.

See the list of all your users.


List of users provides basic information such as:

  • Status (subscribed/unsubscribed),
  • unique User ID,
  • App,
  • User-Agent and
  • Date Subscribed.

Click on the arrow icon (after the date subscribed) and send a direct message to a specific user, unsubscribe him or view his info.


User profile

Click on a specific user to get insight into more data.

When you access a specific user, you will see three cards: Overview, Engagement and Send Message. More informations in the sections below.


In the “Overview” card, you will see:

  • User ID,

  • App,

  • Status,

  • Subscribed and

  • Unsubscribed.


When it comes to the user device, we can see information regarding the time zone, app type, OS, browser, country, region, language, connection, city and ISP.

Note: Ocamba SDK offers the option of adding custom attributes.


The second card refers to the engagement of a given user or his activity.

In this card you can view:

  • Impressions,

  • Clicks,

  • Spam click,

  • How many times a user has been woken up,

  • When she/he was last day notify,

  • How much income comes from her/his activity and

  • How much costs does go towards sending her/him the Push notification.


Send Message

Send a message to a specific user. You can write a custom and unique message for the user or you can import a message from the message templates.